Artificial Intelligence

Climate Change AI Summer School 2023

AI for Global Climate Cooperation

I served on the jury of AI4GCC, a competition where teams designed negotiation agreements for climate change using a climate-economic simulation with AI agents.

AI for Sustainable Agriculture

I was selected as a Lead Machine Learning Engineer as a part of a team of 20 engineers across the world who use AI for good. The challenge was to develop an AI-based system to remotely monitor nitrogen-flow in farms in real-time.

I led the development of Agronomist AI, a context-aware chatbot that can translate a corpus of scientific papers on nitrogen modeling into actionable insights for farmers on the ground.

Twin Revolutions of AI and the Green Economy

Investigative Statistics for Dirty Money

AAAI 2023 Fall Symposium

I was on the organizing committee of a symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Climate: The Role of AI in a Climate-Smart Sustainable Future at the leading Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence.

Wicked Problems

I have a working paper outlining the advantages of machine learning to study complex policy problems.